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Hillbilly Ground Blind Success

A lot of our hunters are confused when they hear us say we are going to “Hillbilly Hunt”. Hillbilly Hunting is when you hunt from the ground in a makeshift blind made from brush and weeds. For us this is sometimes the best and most rewarding way to take a big mature whitetail. This past muzzleloader season we used this technique and it was a huge success.

Mike Carver from Texas has been hunting with us for 5 years. We told Mike we had a new property, but due to standing corn we had not had an opportunity to really scout the area or put up any stands. Keaton used a topographic map and decided to go in early in the afternoon and find a spot that gave them the advantage of cover. With the wind in their faces Mike and Keaton built a small blind of oak branches and cedars.

The night progressed with many does and small bucks coming out and feeding in the field. With this type of hunting it is so important to make sure the does and other deer don’t spook before the prime evening time when the mature bucks show themselves. The blind was a success. One doe came within 10 feet of Mike and Keaton without spooking.

At 7 p.m. that evening a huge mature buck showed up on the field. With Keaton spotting for does that might catch Mike moving. Mike slowly maneuvered his muzzleloader and took the buck at less than 60 yards. It will be a memory Mike and Keaton will not soon forget.


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