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Owner and Guide

Kendall was raised on farms in Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri. Now residing in Western Kansas, he runs the West Central Kansas Camp. He started hunting early in life, chasing raccoons with his older brother Kirk, and hunting deer, upland birds, and small game with his brothers and his father.

Kendall started a very successful jockey career in the National Quarter Horse racing circuit at age 16 and continued racing quarter horses for 17 years, winning some of the nation’s most prestigious races. In between races, he devoted his off time to one of his greatest passions: waterfowl hunting.

In 1998, Kendall and his brother Keaton started K&K Outfitters, guiding hunters from around the United States, Mexico, and Canada to impressive trophies.


Owner and Guide

Keaton was also raised on farms in Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri. He now lives in Southeast Kansas where he runs the Southeast Kansas Camp. He spent much of his childhood in the field with his brothers and his father hunting small game and upland birds, taking his first deer at the age of 10.

During his teen years, Keaton spent hours with his brother Kendall chasing waterfowl on the marshes of Central Missouri before attending college at Pittsburg State University. After college he used his Communication degree to run several large non-profit organizations across Kansas assisting children with afterschool projects, mentoring, tutoring, and drug and alcohol prevention programs.

Keaton joined Kendall in opening K&K Outfitters in 1998, working part-time guiding on the weekends until 2005 when he went full-time guiding and helping run the business.



Keaton’s wife, Karen, is the cook for the Southeast Kansas Camp. Our Central camp has a few local ladies that do the cooking and provide our hunters with delicious, fresh meals. All the ladies take pride in the meals they serve hungry hunters. Along with many compliments on the food, the ladies often hear that the hunters each gain 5 pounds on the trip. You might have to go on a diet after leaving camp!



Keith has been a guide at the West Central Camp since our first whitetail hunt in 2002. He runs a dairy farm in Southwest Missouri and guides throughout the fall hunts.



Doug, who has lived in Southeast Kansas his whole life, started as a guide at the Southeast Camp in 2014. He is an excellent woodsman and has harvested some spectacular Kansas whitetail deer with his archery equipment throughout his hunting years.



Mikey first went on a turkey hunt with us in the spring of 2009 and became a guide in the Central Camp in 2011. In addition to guiding whitetail deer and turkey hunts for us, Mikey is a professional fly fishing and snowmobiling guide in the Teton Mountains in Jackson, Wyoming.



Jeremy started guiding waterfowl hunts with K&K Outfitters in 2000. He now guides deer and turkey hunts in the Southeast camp. Jeremy is a full-time employee for the City of Girard, Kansas and guides in the fall.



Chip has been guiding for us for over 5 years. Chip is a year round guide across the country. He serves as a whitetail guide in the fall. After guiding for us he moves on to Cypress Island in Arkansas and guides for waterfowl. In the spring you will find Chip back with us guiding turkey hunts. In the summer he returns to his home in South Carolina and guides fishing trips as well as enters Marlin tournaments in the Atlantic Ocean.  

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